Restuaranteur by trade, chef by nature


While I talk in the first person mostly in this blog, North and South would not exist without Keith, my business partner, husband, co-parent to our daughter, my life partner. We are North and South. Keith, originally from Minnesota and I am from Texas. After meeting in Alaska and sharing many business and personal adventures, we settled in Madison, Wisconsin where North and South was born. 

Based on our love of down home cooking and flavors from where we have lived and traveled, North and South takes making restaurant quality dishes easy to prepare at home. 

We run our family cultivated local seafood & barbecue joint located on the west side of Madison, Wisconsin. North and South Seafood & Smokehouse. 

Our signature recipes are now being shared by our new venture, North & South Specialty Foods, through bottled sauces and coming soon, signature rubs, salsas and condiments.

I started this blog to not only share our products and stories of the restaurant, but also to share some of my favorite reciepes, tips, tricks and knowledge Keith and I created and discovered together over the past years.

As far as our future? We will see where it takes us. It's always an adventure together.