Restuaranteur by trade, chef by nature
"Making life tastier one recipe at a time"
I make my living by operating my family owned restaurant, North and South Seafood & Smokehouse in Madison, Wi, with my husband, Keith, and running our prepared foods company, North & South Specialty Foods.

I wear many hats:  Executive chef, pastry chef, service manager, graphic designer, menu developer, accountant, marketing manager, social media manager, glorified busser and hostess, mom & wife, just to name a few. My husband wears just as many hats, and sometimes we swap.

I learned the restaurant business by working my way up for over 20 years. Keith & I have developed our own recipes & knowledge that have been tested and tasted with success at our restaurant.

I hope to share with you our recipes, tips, tricks, stories & knowledge.  We make real food for real people that's real good.

  1. True barbecue is what we do.
    True barbecue is what we do.
  2. Our Signature Sauces
    Our Signature Sauces
  3. BBQ Tacos
    BBQ Tacos
  4. The Stoesz Clan
    The Stoesz Clan
  5. Honey Lemon Grilled Shrimp Salad
    Honey Lemon Grilled Shrimp Salad